Brand Story

Our Brand

Maxiulan is my grandma's full name. When I was a child, she once said to me, "I hope you could travel like a bird when you grow up, flying high and landing far away." Years ago, I left the small village we used to live together, and she also left forever. Although her life was full of suffering, it can not stop her love of beauty. She planted all kinds of flowers in the yard. I missed her very much. She gave infinite tenderness and love to me, so I want her name to be remembered forever. That's why I built this brand.

Our Philosophy

No matter good or bad, live for beauty.

Our Mission

We are focusing on developing beauty products which are easy to use and suitable for travel. The cordless flat iron is the first product, more products will be on sale in a few months.

 Maxiulan Cordless flat iron best 2 in 1 hair straightener